Best Cardio To Lose Weight At The Gym

Almost everyone’s first goal when they join a gym is to lose weight. The GYMCADDY™ team is composed of multiple fitness enthusiasts, some are even certified trainers with clients in the NYC area. Here is our number one secret cardio advice we give to all of our new clients who want to lose weight quickly. Also if you're new to the gym and are wondering what supplements you should take that work, checkout our What Supplement Should I Take Article. And as always remember to pick up your GYMCADDY™ HERE!

Perhaps the best cardio a person can do while at a commercial gym is walking on a treadmill at the max incline AFTER they’ve weight trained. This simple but very effective piece of advice has helped multiple GYMCADDY™ team members and their clients lose weight. Just remember there are some key factors to keep in mind in order to get the best results possible. 

Like we mentioned previously, you'll want to do your cardio AFTER you’ve weight trained. The reason for this is because when you weight train, you oxygenate your blood and deplete your glycogen stores first. If you do slow and steady paced cardio afterwards you'll burn more fat and still have had a great weight lifting session. It is imperative you remember to increase the incline of your treadmill to its max setting. Walking on a flat treadmill is a waste of time, unless you're training for distance or a marathon. You’ll also want to set your treadmill at a speed where your heart rate is elevated, but you're still able to keep a conversation. If you find yourself you're breathing too fast to have a conversation with your neighbor, then we recommend you lower the speed slightly. We want your heart rate in the 110 - 140 BPM range. Which is optimal for fat burning. Finally, you'll want to stay on the treadmill for a certain amount of calories burned and NOT for a specified time. For beginners we recommend 200 calories and work your way up by 100 as you progress through your fitness journey. The reason we focus on calories burned and not time is for consistency. Remember, humans are very complex and multiple factors can change your performance at the gym. Being able to know exactly how many calories you're burning per workout and how many calories you're consuming a day is imperative for any weight loss journey. If you're not losing weight its easy to see what adjustments should be done by looking at your workout routine and nutrition plan history. 

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In most cases your settings on the treadmill should be as follows:

Speed 3.0 MPH Incline MAX / For 2oo calories (beginners)

Feel free to adjust the speed as necessary. If you find 3.0 MPH is too fast then slow it down a bit. If you find 3.0 MPH is too easy then speed it up a bit. Remember, we’re trying to get your heart rate between 110 0 - 140 BPM. As you progress you will find this form of cardio will become easier. 

In conclusion, doing slow paced steady cardio on a treadmill set at its max incline for a specific calorie burn AFTER weight training is a great way to lose weight easily. This steady paced cardio has helped multiple people lose weight and can be done at any gym. Remember, consistency and a caloric deficit are what cause healthy weight loss. If you fail to keep up with your nutrition then GYMCADDY™ and its team cannot guarantee results. But if you're consistent with your nutrition plan and workout regiment the pounds will surely melt away.

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