How To Curb Hunger

We get it, dieting isn't always easy. And feeling hungry during the day sucks. Luckily there are some tips and tricks you can try out that will keep huger away and allow you to reach your fitness goals. You should know by now that the GYMCADDY™ Team is made up of multiple athletes. If you didn't know were assuming you're new here, if so… Hi There! Once again, the GYMCADDY™ Team sat down to list the best hunger curbing tips we've learned over the years of working out. As always, don't forget to get your GYMCADDY™

When You Feel Hungry You Might Not Actually BE Hungry

We know, it sounds a little odd but its true. Whenever you feel hungry you might not actually be in need of eating. Sometimes when you feel hungry it may be your body’s way of telling you you're sleepy or even thirsty. Sometimes stress can cause you to feel hungry. You might even feel hungry if you're bored. Weird right? 

Drink A Tall Glass Of Water

So like was just said, sometimes when you feel hungry it might not always mean you have to eat. So how do we know if we’re actually hungry? It easy, drink a tall glass of water and wait 10 minutes. Do you still feel hungry? Ok, so you should actually have a healthy meal. Checkout our Healthy Recipes HERE. The tall glass method is also great to ward off any cravings for ice cream or any other junk food. 

Add A Salad To That Meal

Alright, so you're going to have well balanced meal. Add a salad to that meal so you feel full longer. Eating high fiber foods allow you to eat more but consume less calories. Just be carful, don't go adding high fat dressings or a mess of olive oil. Thats how many people fail to achieve the benefits of eating a salad with dinner. Instead add some light vinaigrette. You’ll get a punch of flavor for a fraction of the calories. 

What About Juicing

Juicing is all the rage these days. People will swear it makes them feel better and they'll tell you they feel better cause they're getting all these vitamins and nutrients. And its only natural you'll want to try it out. Well we say hold on a second. Juicing if done incorrectly can lead to increased sugar consumption and caloric intake. Instead we advice you just eat the whole fruit. That way you also consume the fiber that comes with the fruit juice. See, fruit juice is nature’s way of getting animals to eat the fruit in the first place and then planting the seed somewhere else after they defecate the seed somewhere else. 

But What If You're In A Hurry And Need A Breakfast Smoothie

We get it, these days you're super busy and just need to get out the door fast as possible. So you have not other choice but to have a smoothie. If you do opt into having a breakfast smoothie then we highly advice you to blend the whole fruit. Don't get rid of the pulp or the fiber, thats what make you feel full! Also throw in some fresh veggies in there, due to the sweetness of the fruit you wont know its there. Below are some blenders we use that make great smoothies with whole fruits. Review on them coming soon. 

Dont Snack On Nuts

Contrary to what a lot of other fitness sites out there will tell you, don't snack on any nuts. Nuts pack a lot of calories in very small portions. And we know if you're just starting to get into this whole fitness thing you'll think you're doing the right thing by eating nuts. But we’re willing to bet you're not measuring your portions out. Which will then lead you to eating way too many nuts and taking in way too many calories. Nuts can be useful to marathon runs, but not your average joe just trying to lose weight. Instead snack on high fiber, low caloric foods like celery, lettuce, apples, carrots, or watermelon. 

Drink Water

Lastly, don't forget to drink water through out the day. Simply drinking water through out the day can help keep hunger away and let you focus on other stuff like work or chores. Just try to drink the bulk of your water early in the day, or else you will find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Always drink water when you're eating your meals. You want to EAT your calories, not DRINK them!