GYMCADDY’s Beginner Workout Routine

Hey, you're probably here cause you're new to gym and have no idea what kind of routine you should be doing. Don't worry, you're in good hands! The GYMCADDY™ Team is made up of multiple fitness enthusiasts with diverse fitness backgrounds. Some are even certified trainers with clients in the NYC area. Below you will find a workout routine that will get you sweating and most importantly lay down a solid foundation for your fitness career. Also, please pick up your GYMCADDY HERE!

Laying Down A Foundation?

If you're new to the gym you might be tempted to go into a class at your local gym, do circuit training on a list of machines laid out for you by a commercial gym, get on some cardio machine for an hour, just start body building, or go straight into CrossFit with Jimmy from work. Here’s the thing, you have to crawl before you can walk. The workout posted below is designed to get you started, get your heart rate going, increases your balance and practices fundamental movements you should master. The hope here is to increase your fitness level, practice good form to protect you from injury down the road, increase your balance, and correct muscle imbalances. Once you've mastered the circuit below you will be ready to do more complex exercises properly and safely. 

GYMCADDY’s Beginner Workout Routine

The workout routine posted below is reminiscent to other workouts we give our new clients who have never exercised before. This routine below is a circuit, which means each exercises should be done one after another with no rest in between (unless instructed to). Once you complete one cycle then you are allowed to rest for a specific amount of time. The workout will be complete after you've done 5 cycles. This routine is intended for able bodied people who can jump and squat without any pain. (If you're experiencing any pain, we recommend you speak with a reputable trainer or physical therapist in person)

Equipment Needed - Jump Rope, A Raised Platform, TRX Machine / Smith Machine

Warm Up And Stretch

5 Cycles

Jump Rope - 100 Hops

Stepping Push Ups - 10 Reps 

lateral step push ups.png

Lunge Back To Starting Position - 10 Lunges

Step Ups - 10 Reps 

TRX Rows Hold At Top For 3 Seconds - 10 Reps 

MountainClimbers - 30 Reps 

Cobras Hold At Top For 10 Seconds - 10 Reps 

REST - 3 Minutes 

And there you have it, thats the GYMCADDY’s Team recommended workout for beginners. It may look simple, but theres a lot going on. We are working on your cardio by jumping rope, and doing step ups. We are working on your strength, coordination and proper form by doing push ups, and TRX rows. We’re developing your balance by doing Lunges, and were promoting good posture through the Cobra exercise. If you do this circuit the prescribed 5 times, you will end up with a full body workout and drenched in sweat. We recommend you do this circuit 3 - 4 times a week until this routine becomes super easy for you. Once you can do the routine easily we would like you to double all of the repetitions and continue doing the same circuit 3-4 times a week until its easy again. Once you've reached your first goal you'll be ready to start doing more advanced exercises properly and safely. Also, it be very beneficial to supplement this circuit with a little post workout cardio. You can read about our number one cardio exercise HERE

Good Luck!