Diet Tips To Lose Weight

We’ll admit it, dieting can suck sometimes. But proper dieting is a huge part of how to lose weight. After years of training clients, the GYMCADDY Team has complied a list of diet tips that help curb hunger. You don't have to go hungry when you're on a diet, or else you'll eventually give up and end up right where you started . Below is our list of Diet Tips To Lose Weight without having to go hungry. 

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Replace All Drinks With Water!

Replacing all of your drinks with water can help you kickstart your weight loss dramatically. You'd be amazed at how many calories you can save per day by replacing all of your juices and sodas with just water. Its better to EAT you calories than to DRINK them. And no, “All Natural Juice” isn't an exception here. 

Stop Juicing!

Juicing has been all the rage for a few years, but it isn't the answer to lose weight loss. Juicing does have its benefits and is a great way to get vitamins and nutrients. But for someone who is just starting to lose weight, its not the best answer. Instead of putting your fruits and vegetables through a juicer and removing the pulp, we urge you to eat the whole fruit instead. The fiber thats found in fruits and vegetables help you feel full longer. 

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Snack On Vegetables! 

Eating fruits through out the day is great and all, but eating too many fruits will lead to the over consumption of carbs and sugar. Now don't get us wrong, carbs are not the enemy here. Instead, try snacking on celery, carrots, or cucumbers. They're super low on calories and are packed full of fiber that will keep you feeling full throughout the day. 

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Add A Salad To Dinner!

Perhaps the way best way to help you feel full longer is eating a salad with your lunch and or dinner. Salads by themselves are low in calories and high in fiber, which like we’ve mentioned before will help you feel full longer. Just don't do adding high fat or caloric dense dressings to your salads, or else youre undoing all the good. Instead add some type of low calorie vinaigrettes. 

Stay Away From Nuts!

Many publications will tell you how you need to eat every 2 hours to boost your metabolism and will tell you you have to snack on nuts throughout the day. Well nuts aren't the best option for snaking. They're very high in calories and its easy to get carried away with them. Instead we usually tell clients to stay away from nuts all together. 


“Healthy Fats” Aren't Always The Answer

Its true that healthy fats are essential to the human body. But publications today will tell you how important “Heathy Fats” are and will urge you to over consume them throughout your day. Just take it easy with the Healthy Fats

Hot Sauce And Salsa Are Your Friends

The reality is, if you want to lose weight you might have to eat some pretty bland food from time to time. So try adding in some hot sauce or salsa to your food. Salsa and hot sauce are relatively low in calories and will add in some much needed flavor to your meal. 

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Seasoning and Marination Are Also Your Friends

Dieting usually means eating a lot of grilled chicken breast or tilapia because those are very lean meats. But it also means they are very bland. To help you combat bland food you should season or even marinate your meats.