Do Diet Pills And Weight Loss Tea Work?

Its the New Year and your New Years Resolution is to loss weight, and thats great! But in the age of technology where everyone wants fast results you might be tempted to use diet pills or weight loss teas. You might see advertisements and endorsements for these weight loss teas plastered on social media on a regular basis and wonder if theres any truth to them. You can’t help but wonder if you should actually buy those diet pills and reap the reward. 

Do Weight Loss Teas Work

Well long story short, those diet pills and weight loss pills you see on tv or in your timeline don't actually work to the extent they'll have you believe. In case you didn't know, the supplement industry isn't regulated by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) and these companies can claim what ever they'd like on their products. Companies tend to put University Studies that they themselves funded to make their products look good. These same companies will also pay fitness personalities or influencers to post their products on social media and claim they look a certain way all thanks to said product. And since these supplements aren't regulated by the FDA these products might not even work or in worst case scenarios might not be safe.

Now don't get us wrong, some members on the GYMCADDY Team are bodybuilders and do take some form of diet supplement in the tail end of their “cut” to help them loss those last 5 or 7 pounds of body fat. Some diet pills out there do help a little as long as you're in a caloric deficit and you're doing your cardio. If you were to look closely at the fine print at the bottom of all those tv commercials advertising weight loss teas you will see that participants that did the “trial” were in a caloric deficit and regularly exercised. There is no product on the market that will allow you to loss weight without having to put any work in. 

So how do you lose weight? Well it all comes down to being in a caloric deficit and exercising. Being in a caloric deficit doesn't always mean eating less and going to bed hungry. Being a caloric deficit means you eat foods don't aren't as caloric dense as other foods. But thats a topic for a whole different article. In order to get you started checkout our Beginners Workout Routine