GYMCADDY's favorite wireless headphones for the gym.

Hey everyone, for those who don't know the GYMCADDY™ team is made up of multiple gym goers. So we decided to sit down again and make a list of our favorite wireless headphones for the gym. This list will point out what we think are the Best Wireless Headphones for the gym. You will find them below in no particular order and there will be a link to buy them if you'd like. (We are not sponsored). Don't forget to pick up your GYMCADDY™ here

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbuds

Price: $165.45

Ok, first up are the ever so popular Beat by Dr.Dre powerbeats2 Wireless. Although they are expensive they get the job done very well. The over ear hook design makes sure the headphones stay in place and they have some decent range as well. Sadly I've noticed that as time has passed the battery can't hold a proper charge and they only last for a total of 5 hours.  I bought these wireless headphones on black Friday and have been using them for 8 months since writing this post. 

Beats By Dre Powerbeats 2

Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones

Price: $125.00

Ok, up next are the Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones. They cost about the same as the Powerbeats2 but boy are they different. Their battery last much longer and they sound much better than most headphones on the market. They also include multiple "ear fins" which help to keep them in your ear while you're working out. You don't have to use the ear fins, but they sure do help keeping them in place while you run or do cross fit. They take 2 hours to charge and will run for 8 solid hours. The Jaybirds X2 are also water resistant which is great if you're sweating a lot while working out. 

Jaybird X2 Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

Price: $126.99

The Jaybird Freedom is a step up from the Jaybird X2 and improves on them in every way. The Jaybird Freedom feature a much smaller earbud and weigh just 13 grams. One really cool feature about these headphones is that you can pair them with 2 devices at once, which is great because you don't have to pair them over and over again. Sadly the battery in the headphones can only hold a 4 hour charge but they come with a charging cradle. Which means you can charge them when you store them in your gym bag. But what really sets these headphones apart is the app they come with. The app lets you change the sound signature of the earbuds on the fly. So if you're listening to Rap the first minute and then listening to heavy metal the next minute you can quickly adjust the sound signature to match the genre. 

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones

Price: $89.99

The Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones are a great and cheap On-Ear headphone option for those on a budget. They come in multiple color schemes and let you show off your style while at the gym. The headphones sound OK and the build quality is alright as well. But if you're looking for something cheap and cool looking then these are the headphones for you. 

SkullCandy Grin On-Ear Headphones


Price: $75.84

Last but certainly not least are the BackBeat FIT, these are great for anyone who REALLY doesn't want their headphones moving out of place. They feature an around the head and over the ear design that keeps them in place while doing strenuous activities. They have a soft touch finish and sound good as well. The BackBeat FIT also come in loud colors which makes it easy for people to see you while you're going HAM at the gym. 

BackBeat Fit Blue Wireless earphones